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 Wala kang ulo

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PostSubject: Wala kang ulo   Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:53 am

1nyt a s2dent ws riding n a jepny
she was d only passnger

suddenly, she noticed dt d driver
changd 8s routn, nt 2 d place she suposd 2 go.
she askd d driver..

" manong d po ata 2 daan pa2ngo sa d0rm koh.."

aftr 5 mins.

d drver wnt back 2 d ryt way.

& wen dy arvd at d dorm, b4 d grl down, d drver told her

" neng, pgpasok mo hubarn m kaagad damit m
at kng pwd sunugin mo.iniba koh ung rota kc
pgtngin koh sa slamin knina,

wla kang ulo.

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Wala kang ulo
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