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 Your The One, and Be the Only One

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PostSubject: Your The One, and Be the Only One   Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:09 pm

Your The One, and Be the only One

Your the one who making my life so beautiful
Your the one who givin' me strength
Your the one who makin' my life. Oh! so completely
Your the one wakin' me up early in the morning.

You are the gift, the gift I've never have
The gift that I've never ask
The gift that my wish will come true
The best gift I've ever receive in my whole life.

Your the one, Yes your the one
be the only one
and Still the only one
for time and for all eternity and beyond.

Your the one whose telling me
How life is important
How Am I important to you
How lucky I am to have you.

Your the reason why I am here
Who Am I? Who you are?
because we are the One
who made our life so completely.

We are the one
and we will be the one
'coz we are the one that two become One
for time and for all eternity and beyond.

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Your The One, and Be the Only One
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