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 Brown Eye Girl

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PostSubject: Brown Eye Girl   Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:18 pm

Don't taste me but eat me,
Don't test me but try me,
Because i do have a major deal for you!

Oh land of promise!
Each tear in my eyes are shed for you;
So come and plead my cause and set me free with your experiences!
For i am the brown eye girl nex tot you,
And i want you to lead me with your peace.

If i ever fall don't cry,
For my criminal lawyer left me last night;
But one busy night is not enough for me.

You can't do what i do and,
You don't know how to do it!
For my show time runs this town,
And the deepest point of love is what you need.

Night vision,
Life is like a movement in space!
But do love my flow when the wind blows you about,
For i am the brown eye girl next to you;
So take me as you do see me.
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Brown Eye Girl
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