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 On The Way

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PostSubject: On The Way    Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:15 pm

On the way to the paradise
I see the eyes of my friends.
They are my best and nice.
There is no one who pretends.

But with the coming years
The list of those who has left,
Appears with bitter tears,
And becomes the biggest theft.

On the way to the hell
I see those who betrayed,
They could their mother sell
If she was good paid.

I am walking along the street,
Different colors are on the light,
Different people I meet,
And all are with different rights.

The hell, you know, is on the left.
The paradise is on the right.
If there is no a cleft on the way,
You’ll be for sure in delight.

Am I right?
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On The Way
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